Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yuma and Snow

Not much to yak about, sorry.

With only one day a week to really "go", I headed south to Yuma today to visit a *real* home improvement store.

Quartzsite is full of hardware places, but it has almost nothing for building materials, tools and other stuff you can drop your wallet contents on in the blink of an eye.

I went for paintable wallpaper. But, thats boring.

On my way down there.. the Kofa "Mountain" range is off to the east. Its mostly rock, and some pretty impressive Crags.  Today, the ridge tops were covered in snow.. I was pretty weird to see here in the desert, but see it I did.

Thats the most excitement I have seen in a couple weeks :-P. I am lulling into Hitch Itch season. That time where you start to think about going elsewhere. I want to get some work done on the rig before I do tho. Its a tad dryer here than where I am headed and I need to get some leakage attended to, and in general, do the inside work while I can put some stuff out of the way outside without worrying it will drown.

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