Sunday, January 16, 2011

Small World, Big Town

Sorry for the delay in posts. I was in an accident, and have been out of sorts for a week or so. No one wants to hear the details, but I will report that my last helicopter ride was more scenic and fun than this one, and that I am fully recovered from minor goes on.

One of the neat things about Workamping is that even tho your jobs are temporary, you meet great folks and often, despite what appears to be a transient relationship, I have kept in touch with every place I have worked on a social basis.

This is mostly via email, or Facebook, and in a few cases via phone and postcards.

My last campground job was a wonderful experience. It was, however, sometimes racked with turmoil related to one of the camping areas I took care of when the regular hosts had days off. THEY had to put up with living schmack dab in the middle of a campground over run by misbehaved adults with boats and beer.. a bad combo. Each week as I took over their duties, I was given a full report on the weeks bad doings and set off to have the frustrating and unpleasant experiences myself for two days. Hardly anyone paid, the noise was horrible, the garbage was even worse.. we won't talk about the messes left behind.. of all sorts.

Every once in awhile, you run into the unruly bad camper in this work, but this place.. it was the norm. I felt really bad for these folks having to actually LIVE in that mess. Their full hook ups didn't seem quite enough compensation for this hell. This place, Blue River Reservoir in the Oregon Cascades, was truly just plain evil.

Today, as I was wandering with one of my dogs around the booths of junk and rock vendors that is the big draw here in Quartzsite.. I heard someone call my name. I look over, and there was the male part of this couple! "Well.. HELLO!"

Turns out that they HAVE one of these booths here where the wife sells her paintings along with her sister, who sells ceramics etc.

We had a good long visit. It was nice to see them out of uniform and very much more relaxed than with my previous dealings with them. I am sure I will go back and visit again while I am here.

Larry and Mary Goode, Yours truly and my youngest child


  1. Nice blog, keep up the good work and congrats on being able to live the new adventure!! we begin May 2011....

  2. and you will love it! Congrats!