Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Zillion years ago....

Well, it seems like that long since I have posted. A couple years, give or take, have whisked by without a peep. Much has changed since then, and much has stayed more or less the same. 

Between then and now, I have worked again in Oregon and Washington, lived in the big city again for a bit, and lived in relative isolation for a bit more. 

I am going on my 5th year as a fulltimer. I have changed rigs since last positing and will joyously get into that later.

Most of the reason for my "silence" is that I have been without easy internet services for a very long time..taking isolated posts where the nearest services are 25+ miles away. I had plenty of access when I slipped back into a 9-5 for a winter. But I was exhausted at the end of the day. Too exhausted to extoll the (non) virtues of a routine lifestyle. No one wants to hear what happened at the office, including me.

Stay tuned for the backtracking of the adventure .....