Friday, December 17, 2010


I am often asked by my friends in the stay put life "Why?"

Again, its hard for some to understand how one can "give up" the reasonable salary and stabilities of a Stay Put life.

Its pretty simple. Why wait? I had absolutely no reason to maintain the lifestyle. The "stability" had no benefit to me. I am single. I have no kids or other pressing "must do" obligations or responsibilities that required me to stay in the grind. My work, and money, benefited no one but me and the banks. The banks got the better part of it.

I watched my father work everyday of his life. He would plan and plot and dream of the two weeks he would get each year to not work. He spent 50 weeks a year living for someone else so he could have 2 weeks to himself.

As he got older, he used to proclaim, on almost a daily basis , a countdown..."Only 4 years, 3 months and 2 days til retirement!" He finally reached that day at age 65. Now he could travel and do whatever he wanted.. and didn't have to Stay Put for any reason. Just what he wanted.

At age 67, he died. He only got 2 years of freedom from obligations to others. After working for 55+ years. That's not Right!

In 2003, I was diagnosed with a very serious cancer. One that usually always kills. I am one of the precious lucky few it couldn't take. I went back to the grind when the initial scares and treatments were over, but it got me thinking about "Why?". I tossed myself back into the traditional race to retirement, even while honestly thinking my days were numbered.. but I had a voice in my head that kept asking "Why?" It nagged.

It took awhile, but I realized that I am not my job, or my assets, no matter how "Cool" either if those things are. When the circumstance presented itself to break free.. I then asked myself "Why Not?". I had no good answer.. so, here I am.

And I can't help but think that somewhere Up There, my Father is looking down and is very very proud.


  1. Those who love us...but they seldom understand us.

    In my case the division fall squarely one side or the middle ground...they either think "cool" or "are you nuts".

    And, we haven't even left yet.

    But, we're going to.

    I love the way you write and how you see things. I look forward to what comes next and perhaps learn something from your own lessons that will help us down the road. (BTW...I found you by way of the Fiberglas RV forum and I am also a cancer survior, so "why wait" has meaning to me)

  2. *slap hands and do belly bounce* for your survivorship!

    Now, go buy some green bananas, eh?