Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little refuge in the desert

The fulltiming lifestyle has its down sides.. yes. I am living one of em today.

I woke up this morning with a burning throat, no energy and in general.. I feel like porta potti leavings. This is odd, as last nite when I went to bed, I felt perfectly normal, rested and there was no indication that today would be any different.

OK, you get the idea. I have a cold or something that is bad enuff at this time to keep me in. Its howling outside, the temps have dropped again and the air has a tad bit of moisture in it. Good time to stay inside and lie on the couch messing around on the comp or snoozing. I had days like these in my stay put life, tho few and far between, but they happen.

There is no difference in day to day "Life" in this regard when you fulltime. Thank goodness for my comfy little house and I have a chance to recover in warmth and comfort just like in my stay put life.


You were lazy the day before.  I always carry my water containers in the Jeep and generally stop every couple of days to fill them on my way home. My on board tank may not be empty yet, but why risk running out? Well, yesterday, I was too lazy to stop, thinking "Oh, I have enough to get me through the morning, screw it" Uhm.. DOH! I barely had enuff to make a cup of coffee, I haven't had my shower and the dogs don't understand "Empty".

Double whammy, I always have a couple gallons around in a Sun Tea maker on the counter for just these moments. Guess who was to lazy to refill THAT one too?

The water tanks don't fill themselves, and the only person responsible for doing it is sick as a dog. I only hope that standing in the wind at the water filling station won't worsen my cold, and that I can do it all as quickly as possible, get back in bed and stay warm.

But WAIT!!!! Can't do THAT either! I was lazy about the propane tank as well. Couldn't be bothered to stop at the Pit Stop (The big RV water and propane service station here) because it was 3 blocks out of my way. "Oh, I have enuff to make it through the morning, screw it". Well, I actually do, but it will run out soon enuff. My back ups will work, but why mess around with them.. I'll just go into town and take care of it.

At least I have gas for the generator. 

Moral of the story... you have to be a little more on your toes in this lifestyle than in a Stay Put life. It'll bite ya if you don't.

Do I think it's worth the extra bucks required to maintain a Stay Put place for this once every couple years carnage? No, not really. In a Stay Put house, the power goes out on the whims of the electric company or the lack of skill of a bad driver hitting a pole. The water freezes sometimes, the mains break down the street sometimes and sometimes.. you forget to pay the bill. When services go down that are dependent on some large infrastructure pushing the resource into your house, generally.. you are screwed when they fail. That 3 gallons of water in jugs in your fridge won't last very long, and your flashlight batteries will get eaten up in no time.

In my cabin, I would sometimes spend a week or more without power due to snow or some other natural cause. It would go out for no apparent reason (Yes, I paid the bill and so did my out of power neighbors)

BUT.. today, I would like to have my warm cozy cabin with all the utilities up and running so I don't have to go do this.

Oh well. So much for rest and recuperation. WHERE is my cabana boy?


  1. We sure hope you are feeling better soon.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  2. Thank you!

    I managed it all with little fanfare, I have my fresh chicken to make a chicken tater thingy along with soup. Throat lozenges and dayquil purchased and in use.

    Fire is going, and I am about to lie back and immerse myself in my book..that is if all these cold drugs don't knock me out, and the dogs quit bugging me for their walk. (Not today, kiddies)