Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bathroom Updates

No, this isn't a potti mouth post.

I have finally gotten around to installing (Albeit in a temporary configuration) the portable tankless hot water heater that has been bouncing around in the back of my car for a few months now.

The.Ecotemp L5 Tankless propane water heater was purchased as an emergency stop gap when the traditional 6 gallon hot water heater in my motorhome died a violent and irreversible death.

Tanked traditional water heaters are spendy and heavy. I saw this little puppy while cruising through a camping world in Eugene Oregon. I had the cash in my pocket and figured I could make it work until I could get the other one fixed or replaced.

I simply traded the hose end from my faucet in my shower stall to input this one and added a portable propane tank via a "Steak Saver" adaptor. My thought was it would be good enough to grab a quick shower, but I ended up liking it and the concept so much that I never bothered with the permanent one again.

The trailer I am in now came without a shower or plumbing for one. I have been using a baterry powered pump and making my own hot water the old fashioned way. (Of course, I had to look up the recipe) and dumping the hot water into a container and repumping it out with the portable battery powered shower pump.

Today, I had the time to install the ecotemp and all went flawlessly. I now get hot water in the bathroom in a few seconds via the trailers onboard water pump and do not have to store a water container anymore.

The heater hangs on the wall in my "closet/pooper/shower" room. Now, before you scream, yes, I know it is not intended for indoor use. My multi purpose room has a large window at ceiling level that is open during use and I use a 1lb propane cylinder that is ONLY connected when I need to shower or do dishes. Otherwise, for safety sake, it is disconnected and stowed. 1lb will last over a week for my hot water needs. I proved this in my motorhome over a period of 3 months.

*Eventually* it will be housed in a different space and all plumbing will be done to:

Use the house propane system already in the trailer.
Use the house battery to provide the 3v dc required for ignition instead of Yucky D cells.
Run hot water to my kitchen sink
Ventilate the cubbie area it is going to be installed in.

I am NOT worried about fire hazard. All combustion takes place inside the heater housing, and since it is "On demand" no flame or pilot is present until called for during use. My Blue Flame Heater has an 8 inch bank of open flame and *they* designed it for indoor use. (Except in California, where EVERYTHING is illegal for indoor use.. go figure)

And I no longer burn propane to heat hot water 24/7. The water that I get from this puppy is hot within seconds and is almost unbearably hot at even the mid level settings.


  1. Sounds like you are good to go now!

    Your one smart cookie.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  2. Alright! way to go!

  3. Boy if I could only hire you to sit in my brain for two weeks. You have solved almost all of the problems I am currently having with my new old rig.