Monday, January 17, 2011

Speaking of Cats...

I have one. And two dogs. "ACK! In a 15 foot trailer?" you say.. sometimes, I do too.

My Children

I started this lifestyle with THREE dogs and a cat. They were part of my stay put life and were already around. I was raised with cats, and always had a dog in my adult life. I was taught that once you took on the responsibility of an animal, that responsibility did not end until the animals passing, or if the circumstance was so extreme that the animal would be better off to be rehomed.

One does not rehome an animal because it becomes inconvenient for you. I have altered my doings with them as a first consideration. Altho the dogs seem to enjoy this galavanting around the country, it does not pass by me just how much they have lost. They used to have a house, a doggy door and a big yard to play in as they chose. Now they have about 70 square feet of play room and are dependent on me to open doors so they can go outside. I am up and down all the time I am home, but I don't mind. They are good sports and would rather just be where I am than to have gone to strangers.

Even in the big motorhome, which I bought specifically so they would have more room (OK, and me too) they have always "stuck" to me.. sitting where ever I am and following me where ever I go. Either they don't care, or they are the worlds best sports.

The cat has had to adjust to being an indoor cat only. Letting him out would mean certain death for him, especially in the desert with opportunistic coyotes. I have had to make him his own "room" where he can go to "go" and to get away from the sometimes rambunctious play between the dogs and to hide from strange people.

The dogs have a schedule, and are walked daily on my lunch time. I come home every day JUST to attend to them, let them out and exercise them. They are inside the trailer when I am gone.. they need to get out more.

They actually have a more stimulating life now, as I have to walk them and take them with me everywhere. Before, they had the big yard etc, but I rarely walked them, or took them "bye bye".

The 3rd dog I had was very old when we hit the road, and she did not adjust well. Her health declined quickly and she passed of a massive stroke at age 17.

BTW, a 17 year old beagle is NOT common. She lived a very long and happy life, even her last year.

Animals are a responsibility, and no, I will not acquire more.. that would be VERY irresponsible. But for now, these will be taken care of to the best of my ability and hopefully, they will live long happy lives as well.


  1. Hi, Gina. I'm so glad to hear someone else express their sense of responsibility for their companion animals. Our main delay in going full-timing is the continued good health of some aging cats (ages 13-15). Nearly all were born in our home and would probably not adjust to living anywhere else. The only acceptable option is to wait for them to naturally die of old age. We plan to take 2 other younger cats with us tho (plus our dog). We always take our dog with us now and are more than happy to change our plans and make concessions to have her with us and to keep her safe and well. I don't want to ever be without at least a cat and a dog (done that already & didn't like it). My rolling home should be no different.

  2. I too, would have a hard time not having a furry thing around. There are times when they go to the sitter so Mom can enjoy "adult" time with other adults.. like when I tent camp (Yep, I still do that!) BUT.. since 99.9% of the time I am on my own, they are great company and actually give me purpose.

    That's hard to explain to a non pet person.

  3. Hi Gina, I just tripped across your blog, and recognize you from FiberglassRV, where you were always an inspiration. I had a Uhaul 13' for a few years, just gave it to my in-laws who are shorter & have no animals. I'm hoping to upgrade to a Scamp 5th wheel, in part because it has a little more space for my two Beagles. I live in a small condo in Boston with them and it's amazing how well they do, psychologically, on a leash-walk-only lifestyle. Long walks and cuddling are all they *really* want. Glad to have come across your blog!