Sunday, February 6, 2011

Icees to Icees, Dust to Dust

Its finally nice out here in the desert again. The show season is ending, the big monster RVs have gone away, along with their generators and peace and quiet are slowly returning to this berg.

Now  the challenge, is winter. We have actually had hard freezing out here this week. My every present stash of Dr Pepper is stowed below my rig. It stays plenty cold under there, even in mild weather, but I fished one out a couple days ago that had turned into a Slushie. This was at high noon.

I don't generally pay attention to temperatures. Not much you can do about them, but it has been cold enough for me to leave the heat on at nite so I don't wake up with 6 eyeballs staring at me from under my bedcovers. (They burrow in when I am out cold, the little rats)

The wind is really a bigger issue. Inside, I am well protected, but the sand out here blows everywhere. Even inside. It sneaks in thru cracks under doors and at windows. It forces its way in thru closed roof vents. I am quite positive that even if a duct taped every visible spot it could get in, that it would find new secret ways to make my house look messy.

Soon, the rain will kick in as well. Here, rain is an uncommon event, but in February, it can dump buckets at a time. I spent some time outside today re-arranging things to be less likely to be washed away when the deluge finally hits.

Don't know when it will, but it will.

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  1. It's always nice in the desert right after a nice rain. It rinses all the dust and the smell is like nothing I have ever smelled before. Enjoy the peace!