Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I "Do" and where I Doed it

When I left my traditional life of working long hours as a nerd for a Big Mega corporation that manufactured the worlds most famous guitars, I went to manage a small rv park/campground just outside of Show Low, Az.

Two kind ladies in my trailering club own the park and had a need for a new manager.. the timing was right and they gave me the chance to start my workamping life. A small house was provided for me and I didn't need to adjust from living in my cabin to a 17 foot trailer all at once. It was a great opportunity, the White Mountains in AZ are very much like Oregon and the experience was an all around good one. It does dump lots of snow in the winter, the park is closed and I needed to move on to a new paying gig.

I went to Quartzsite knowing there would be work available for the winter *Somewhere* and because I knew in January there would be a large RV show where campground owners and concessionaires solicited for summer hosting positions. It did not take but a few days to find decent employment. Thru friends and a temporary landlord/resident, I went to work for a large motorhome dealer as an interior detailer/decorator (Read: Cleaning woman) for used RVs being staged for sale. My geek background also had me installing or repairing installs of TVs and stereos. I worked there thru the winter and scored a gig with one of the largest Oregon concessionaires for summer employment as a forest service campground host. I was set.. I was going home for the summer.

I went to work in the summer 40 miles east of Eugene in an enchanted forest. Campground hosting and RV park management have the same purpose.. to rent spaces for very short term stays, but the means are a bit different. In an RV Park, a manager is like an apt complex manager without the building. Campground hosting is more collection and policing.. both, unfortunately, involve toilet cleaning.. hey, someone has to do it.

I am not totally Nomad.. I go between AZ and Oregon for the time being. I am currently back in Quarzsite at the motorhome dealer.. with a few different responsibilities this year that keep me out of rubber gloves sometimes. Office and computer work. 

I will be returning to the Northwest this summer with the same employer I had last summer, but not at the same campground. Don't know which one yet.. stay tuned.

Even if I live in a campground, I don't "camp". My previous posts explain my housing situation, so, no.. I am not in a campsite trying to light a fire in the morning to make coffee and get warm. I don't cook outside and eat off a paper plate while sitting on a log. I have relative luxury compared to most of my patrons. They get wet outside and retreat to tents that will get wet .. I go inside and watch TV. I LIVE in the campground, where as my guests are in it for the outdoor experience and to "camp".

My view generally taint bad tho:

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