Thursday, December 23, 2010

Waterfront property

My side channel of a dry wash turned into a babbling brook last night. I figured that would happen at some point during the winter. It isn't real easy to photograph in pitch dark. Thank goodness for the tweaking functions in Photoshop.

I called it the La Posa River. I am sure it won't be the last time I see it.

My site was bombarded by sideways rain and hellatious winds, as was most of the desert out here yesterday. I am sure that "When it rains, it pours" originated right here.

As a native Oregonian, rain does not phase me a bit, however, in the desert, rain makes instant lakes and rivers. It only takes a minutes worth of deluge to cover the ground in a thin layer of water. It can't soak in like it does back home. The ground is mostly clay, rock and some other impenetrable substance that allows the water to take over everything in the blink of a Beagles eye. It runs down from the mountains nearby at such force that it can take out cars.. and little trailers.

I now know why the little drainage channel filled with rocks was put in this site. I was cursing the previous resident, assuming he dumped his waste water down it. I found it full of old ATV parts and ciggy butts, not to mention other bits of unidentifiable trash. If he hadn't have built it, my entire site would have been under water.

As it was, only half of it was. So, thanks Dude, and I am sorry I bad mouthed ya.

Now I must spend my day off channeling around the site more. Oh joy.


  1. We wouldn't want you to become lazy on your day off. LOL

    Running and hiding now.

    Bill Kelleher ( aka Bill K )