Thursday, December 16, 2010

Same house, different yard

Many know I live in a small travel trailer. I am a "Fulltime RVer", someone whose living quarters are not a traditional house, but I do have a home, I own it.. its just on wheels instead of a foundation. And I move it every 6 mos or so to go from job to job.

Scratch those images of trailer trash in trailer parks where the trailer or mobile home is permanently stuck to a spot with cardboard skirting. My neighbors name is not "Bubba", I am not on the dole and I do not have a porch with 4 dogs under it. I bathe daily and have all my teeth. I can see no beer cans anywhere around or in it. I do not have to go outside to a small square building to pee.

I rarely pay rent or camp fees. The work I do usually provides a living spot, or, in the winter, I live in one of the biggest BLM areas in the country. For 180 bucks for 7 mos, I have over 11000 acres to choose from and have water, garbage and "waste" disposal provided at a central location. In summer, I camp host. I live in the host spot provided at whatever campground I am in and have the same services, sometimes better, provided for me.

Thus.. the trailer. Not only is it easier than moving house all the time, it is a REQUIREMENT for my summer gigs. Its a small easily transported "Vintage" trailer that I purchased specifically to customize and set up to live comfortably off grid. I was a geek, that has not gone away.. I have it set up with solar, alternative but NOT inconvinient resource friendly systems and I have gutted it partially to make it like a one room cabin. Heat and hot water are provided by propane, lighting by a solar charged deep cycle battery and.. Yep, I have a portable generator for when I have to run something on 110 volt. Not often, but I do sometimes.

I have all I need in here, plus some "wants" as well. Obviously, I have internet via aircard, I have a flat screen TV, a stereo, lots of reading material, storage without pain, a full kitchen, room for my "Critters" and I have a fenced in outdoor space. I have a functional bathroom space, but I have not yet finished it.. its the only "funky" item I have, but its clean and I make it work for now.

The rest of the trailer is in an inside transition, purely cosmetic finish work. I pick at it when I can. I say I can't wait to finish it, but I just never find the time to sit down and DO it. Just like I did when I owned a traditional home :-P

The outdoor space set up rarely changes, I set it up exactly the same everywhere. Only the landscaping changes.

The indoor space stays the same too. So... same house.. different yard. Thats all.

My winter abode this year:

My wintering property

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