Friday, December 31, 2010

It's too much! I don't know what it means!

You don't have to go to Yosemite to get a double rainbow

You don't need to be really loaded to see one either. Had this guy, or I should say "Guys" show up in Q the other day after a night and days worth of off and on rain.

Even tho I prefer a horizon obscured by trees.. Big Trees, the desert does afford spectacular views of sky phenomenon not often seen in the Great Northwest. Viewing the stars at night actually calms me just before bed. I let out my dogs, and while waiting for them to doo their last of the days creations, I sit quietly and look up at the bright and spectacular stars.
Lying in bed, my windows are situated so I can see up and I often watch the earths rotation via the moving starscape. You have to lie very still, keep your eyes trained on one spot and you will actually feel a bit queazy once you start seeing the slow slow slow movement. Its a good queazy tho.

This often puts me to sleep as well. Who needs drugs?

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